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Who are We?
How does it work?

Who are we?

RenownRx is a family of online health companies. We are a 100% online platform consisting of a renown team of licensed healthcare professionals in dozens of states. We offer broad spectrum consultation and support for your everyday health needs.

We offer an easy to use online pharmacy to assist you in better health for better living.

Select your preferred treatment program, answer a few short questions and our team of licensed medical professionals will review your request, approve it, or suggest an alternative solution that’s a better fit based on your current health conditions.


How does it work?

Unlike the competition, RenownRx believes you should have more personal choice when it comes to your health.

You have two options when you use our pharmacy:

Select the medication you think works best. Fill out a short patient intake form. If our licensed physician certifies you are a good fit for the treatment, they will approve it and your medication will be shipped out shortly. If, based on your patient intake or state of residence, additional consultation is required, you will be contacted shortly about alternative treatments.

Or if you would rather allow our team of renown professionals recommend a treatment for your condition, simply go directly to patient intake. Fill out the short form and you will be directed to a physician recommended, health solution.

Here at RenownRx we believe that your health care is a partnership between you and your physician and always take into account what you think works best, when we formulate a plan to help you reach your health goals.