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Larin Fe 1.5/30, Junel Fe 1.5/30, Blisovi Fe 1.5/30, , Microgestin Fe 1.5/30, Aurovela Fe 1.5/30, Hailey Fe 1.5/30, Loestrin Fe 1.5/30, Pharmacological Equivalent

For heavy periods
Helps PMS

Daily, low-dose combination birth control with iron to prevent pregnancy

Renown Rx likes Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe for its consistent, low, daily doses of estrogen and progesterone to prevent pregnancy and iron to keep you feeling lively.

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Norethindrone acetate 1.5 mg | Ethinyl estradiol 0.03 mg | Ferrous fumarate 75 mg

What it does

  • Prevents ovulation and blocks pregnancy
  • Even, daily doses of hormones could help reduce cramps and PMS symptoms
  • May make period flows lighter

Why use it?

  • Well-studied branded product for your peace of mind
  • Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe may be helpful to women who experience spotting between periods on other pills
  • The small dose of extra iron you get with Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe can keep your energy strong and offset the iron lost during your monthly flows

Only available by prescription, after an online consultation with our licensed providers.

This page has been reviewed for medical accuracy by Doctor XXXXXX, MD.

Important Safety Information

WARNING: (See Important Safety Information below)

The RenownRx Process

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Tiny daily pill, big worries off your mind with Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe from Renown Rx brings you highly effective birth control and energy boost

Why Use Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe?

About Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe

  • Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe is 96% to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when used according to directions.
  • It may also help reduce premenstrual symptoms, ease cramping during your period, and make flows lighter.
  • Women with heavy blood flow during their periods are especially at risk for becoming anemic. Our pharmacists and docs at Renown Rx believe you should get some help with that. Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe answers the call by regulating your menstrual cycle to encourage shorter, lighter periods. It also re-supplies the iron you lose during flows.

Why Buy Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe Online at Renown Rx

Renown Rx drugs are filled from US pharmacies, so you are assured that they have met all FDA regulations for proper handling and honest ingredients.

Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe Is An Excellent Generic, But We Give You Choices

Loestrin Fe is the original, fully tested and patented product. But now that this patent has expired, you can choose a lower-cost generic as well. So, if you’d like Loestrin Fe but balk at paying more than you need to, then ask us about the generic equivalent Junel.

What Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe Does

How Does Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe Work?

The estrogen and progesterone in Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe prevent pregnancy mainly by preventing ovulation. When your ovary does not release an egg, fertilization can’t happen.

In addition to blocking the production of an egg each month, Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe also causes the mucus on the cervix just outside your womb to thicken. This traps any sperm before it can proceed toward your womb and ovaries to fertilize any egg that might occur.

The small daily doses of both hormones helps create a regular menstrual cycle. For some women they also prompt lighter flows during their period and may solve spotting between periods. Meanwhile, the iron in Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe helps restore iron that you lose during your period flows, so your energy doesn’t drop.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe?

Yes, that potential exists for all drugs. Your intake questionnaire asks you to list all your medical conditions and all the drugs and supplements you take, which will help our doctors choose a birth control formula that is low risk for you. You can also use your Patient Portal to get in touch with us if you notice anything that concerns you.

Should I Be Aware Of Interactions With Other Medications?

Yes. Be very certain that in you tell us about all your medications and their doses. That includes supplements, over the counter drugs (like antacids or aspirin) and vitamins. Also, some drugs including those for epilepsy, HIV and supplements like St. Johns Wort, can make your birth control less effective.

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The Facts on Reproductive Care

by Centers for Disease Control

More questions?
Don’t be Shy.

Is there any extra reason to choose Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe over other pills?

This formula can be helpful for women who experience spotting between period days on other birth control products.

Will Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe improve my complexion or control acne?

FDA has not approved Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe for acne control. If you are interested, then check on Yaz equivalent, also available at Renown Rx. However, a combination pill, like Norethindrindrone/ee‑1.5/30‑fe, often does benefit a woman’s skin because it prevents wide fluctuations in your androgens (especially progesterone). That means you are less likely to overproduce sebum and break out.

What If I miss a pill?

Birth control pills have the highest reliability levels only when taken regularly, at around the same time each day. But if you do miss a dose, don’t panic. Take your pill as soon as you remember. You can take two pills the next day and stay on schedule if that happens. If you miss two days, take both pills on the third day. The chances of becoming pregnant are small with a single missed day, but they are not nonexistent.

I didn’t have a period, is that a problem?

Some women require a few months on the pill to regularize their menses. This usually does not mean there’s a problem.

Does the pill protect me from STD’s?

No. The only birth control that does is a barrier—the condom.

What If I Need to Get In Touch?

If you have questions about where your prescription is, shipping, billing or other concerns, you can easily contact us here:

Call 1-877-267-4617 or use this contact form.

If you have questions about your prescription, how to take it, effects you may feel or other medical queries, contact your Renown Rx doctor.

Use our Patient Portal.

More contact information is here.

Important Safety Information




Do not smoke when taking hormonal contraceptives. Smoking increases the risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The risks increase with age and with as few as 15 cigarettes a day. The risks are significant enough that after the age of 35, smokers should change their contraceptive method.



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