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Neuropeptide that sends warm and loving feelings throughout your body

Nicknamed the “cuddle” hormone, oxytocin builds our sense of connection and enhances sexuality

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Oxytocin hormone

What it does

  • This vital chemical enables feelings of warmth, empathy, attachment, and romantic and social bonding for a better love life
  • May intensify the pleasure you feel during sex and increase satisfaction afterwards
  • May increase sexual arousal in both men and women and may make women seem more attractive to their partners

Why use it?

  • Oxytocin is a human neuropeptide that governs our ability to form attachments and feel a rich sense of connection, just the way nature intended
  • Your own levels of oxytocin can vary over your lifetime, but tend to fall as you get older
  • Restoring strong levels helps you stay sexually active, mentally young and more centered and resist muscle loss

Only available by prescription, after an online consultation with our licensed providers.

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Important Safety Information

WARNING: (See Important Safety Information below)

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Meet Oxytocin
"Love Hormone"

About Oxytocin

Why Buy Oxytocin Online at Renown Rx?

Renown Rx drugs are filled from US pharmacies, so you are assured that they have met all FDA regulations for proper handling and honest ingredients. Plus, as a generic, our oxytocin saves you up to 90% over the branded product.

Is Oxytocin an Aphrodisiac?

Oxytocin is a neuropeptide. In other words, it’s a chemical that carries messages throughout your nervous system. It is produced mostly in the hypothalamus region of the brain as a natural protein. However, the old saying that sex starts in the brain is true. In fact, the hypothalamus is one of the most important areas of the brain for sexual arousal. So… not an aphrodisiac, just a hard-working protein that keeps life very interesting.

What Oxytocin Does

How Does Oxytocin Work?

An oxytocin prescription helps restore full levels of messenger chemicals to your brain and central nervous system. Normally, oxytocin is produced in the brain and travels via the bloodstream. When you take oxytocin through an inhaler, it follows the same bloodstream route with the same benefits.

This particular protein may have several benefits for muscle tone, sleep, even anxiety. Though research one these points is still young, the results so far are promising. But this chemical does have one special job that is well studied and well documented…

Oxytocin excels at promoting positive feelings that connect you to others. These feelings can range from an urge to cuddle the kids, a sense of belonging to a group, or a desire to snuggle up with your romantic partner.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Oxytocin?

Yes. For women, it’s worth remembering that the original use for prescription oxytocin was to induce labor. Thus it would not be appropriate to take when pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Your intake questionnaire asks you to list all your medical conditions and all the drugs and supplements you take. You can also use your Patient Portal to get in touch with us if you notice anything that concerns you.

Should I Be Aware Of Interactions With Other Medications?

Yes. Be very certain that in you tell us about all your medications and their doses. That includes supplements, over the counter drugs (like antacids or aspirin) and vitamins.

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The Facts on Oxytocin

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Is there any extra reason to choose oxytocin over other pills to increase sexual desire?

Yes, there is one good reason: Oxytocin is your natural hormone for this purpose. Your brain produces it already, but the levels can become low. When you reach for oxytocin, you have a chance to work with the direction your own body would go when it’s performing at peak. You are not introducing new chemicals or disrupting other systems.

Will oxytocin make me (sexually) crazy?

No. You may feel a stronger interest in sex and you may enjoy it more. But there’s no danger that you’ll be unable to turn off or start hitting on strangers in elevators. In fact, oxytocin seems to make established partners feel more loyal to each other.

Do I take this every day or as needed for sexual performance?

Your prescription label will give you precise instructions, but this is meant to be used daily to keep oxytocin levels where, ideally, they should be. Oxytocin is not an ED drug and is not used just prior to sex for performance. Think of oxytocin as an aid to put your mind in a better mood for love, affection, friendship and sex.

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Important Safety Information



2. Side effects that you should report to your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible:

3. Side effects that usually do not require medical attention report to your doctor or pharmacist if they continue or are bothersome:

Store this medication in a refrigerator between 36°F to 46°F (2°C - 8°C). Do not freeze. Protect from light. Keep all medicine out of reach of children. Throw away any medicine after the beyond use date. Do not flush unused medications or pour down a sink or drain.


1) Instructions:

2) Precautions:

3) Side Effects

It is recommended to store your troches in the refrigerator. However, if being discreet is important, you can store troches safely at room temperature; keep the temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the troches do not melt from heat & moisture.


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